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From the Director

November 2016

Dear Friends of the Durant Fellowship,

Thank you for your ongoing support. Each day there is news about refugees around the world. We try to remain true to the spirit and life example of Dr. Tom Durant by providing aid and support where we can. We are particularly grateful to the many golfers who come out every year to Oyster Harbors in support of the Fellowship.

Mass General faculty are working with the United Nations Population Fund to deliver training in women's health care to Syrian midwives who serve in the conflict zones around Aleppo. The training will focus on safely delivering babies where there are no hospitals, or doctors.

I visited the Zaatari refugee camp on the Syria/Jordan border last winter and will return again this year to evaluate how our Fellowship might be helpful in that crisis. We have in the past provided health care training to the nongovernmental organizations serving these more than 80,000 refugees and hope to do more training soon.

In December, a group will travel to Erbil in Kurdistan which serves as a safe area for refugees fleeing the conflict with ISIS in Mosul. We will visit with the Iraqi Red Crescent and other organizations serving the camps.

Finally, we are in discussion with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees about
assisting with an assessment of electronic medical records in refugee camps. This project would engage a part of our community - Health Information Technology - not usually focused on refugees.

Again, thank you for your continued support. Support to Mass General has an immediate impact on the lives of patients and ensures a healthy future for everyone we take care of at home and abroad.

We wish you and your family a good and safe holiday season.

All the best,

Dr. Larry Ronan
Fellowship Director